Commissions are CLOSED! Please check back in late April 2018!

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Below are the starting prices for each type of commission and the average turn around time for completion. Completion times could be longer depending on time of year.
Please take shipping time into account if a commission is needed by a specific date.

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Starting price


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Turn around times

Charms $25
1 - 2 months
1.5oz Shotglasses $30
1 - 2 months
Ornaments 2-4" $35
2 - 3 months
Derps 2-3" $40
2 - 3 months
Sculptures 5"-7" $175
3 - 4 months
Sculptures 8"-11" $240
3 - 5 months
Wedding Cake Toppers $300
3 - 5 months
--High detail, 2nd char, base, etc + $25-$200

Commission Policy

If you have any questions about commissioning a piece, feel free to email me.

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